SCM’s story

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“SCM” was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, possible Lupus plus a several other conditions, including “it’s all in your head.” After years of illness SCM was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Since being on the Marshall Protocol, new improvements still surprise:

“… almost 3 years I still continue to make headway, sometimes with issues I never expected to have corrected…” » read more of SCM’s story «

Ken’s Story

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At the lowest point in his life, this Canadian native was so sick that he could do nothing more then lie in a dark room, thinking about the fact that his body seemed to be on fire. His symptoms of twitching, swollen muscles and raging emotions were out of control. However, after a series of antibiotic regimens that finally led him to Autoimmunity Research Foundation’s Marshall Protocol, he has recovered to the point where he feels like a kid in a candy store. » read more of Ken’s story «